Guest posts are a fantastic way to get your talent out for the world to read. Many websites out there accept guest bloggers and some even pay for it. Here’s the current list of those websites that will pay you for your guest post:

Write Naked : Write Naked does not mean sit down nude and write; it’s a metaphor about your feelings as a writer. This website pays $75 USD for an accepted guest post. Follow their guidelines as they don’t always accept pitches; make sure you check they do. You can write about freelancing, the struggles you went to as a writer (we all do) and whatever emotion about this crazy career you have. Make sure, that you read some very good information on BigGuestPosting.

Dame Magazine : Dame Magazine tackles social, cultural and political issues. While the website is geared towards women, you don’t have to limit yourself if you’re a male author. They accept first-person stories as well as interesting interviews. Rates range based on the type of feature, a front-page feature will pay more than a small interview. They want pitches in two paragraphs and no attachments, so follow their guidelines and make some money!

Freelance Mom : Freelance Mom is a website about parents who run businesses while raising children. The website accepts posts about personal struggles, new ideas, and guidelines on parenting and running a business. They are big on original content and that personal touch. They pay $75 to $100 per article and also run contests. Every month the article with most views gets an extra $150. Keep in mind that you can find some very good information on BigGuestPosting.

Cracked : Cracked is a comedy website mostly based on lists? They are always accepting new writers and pay well for it. The more articles they publish – the better the pay. To write for cracked you have to sign up to their writers’ forum, post your idea and hope for the best. They pick and choose the best ones, and they give you pointers on what to change or why your article didn’t make the cut, which is great. Even if you get rejected it’s not that dreadful silence.

Income Diary : Income Diary writes about SEO, traffic, affiliate links and all the fun stuff required for a website to make money. They are focused on increasing visibility, quality, and income. The website pays up to $200 USD for good content but they do get a lot of submissions so make sure to follow their clear and detailed guidelines. Income Diary accepts posts about website design, functionality, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization and everything related to making money from websites. Make sure, that you visit this amazing website BigGuestPosting, for more information you can get lots of good information here.

Transition Abroad : Transition abroad is a website that talks about moving to a different country and everything that comes with the territory. They like articles that inspire others to do the same or just tips to transition to a country while helping the local economy. They accept first and third person writing but they prefer the journalistic approach. They pay up to $150 for a successful post but make sure to read what they’re looking for and do your research.

Beauty Websites That Accept Guests Posts : You’ve decided to start your own beauty website. You have the tips, tricks, and ideas but you can’t seem to grow readers. The beauty market is very saturated and to stand out you have to work with SEO (search engine optimization) and use good keywords. SEO is a complicated world so while you’re learning about that, guest posts are a great way of exposing your website. Focus on your own niche, here’s some beauty websites that accept guest posts:

Health Sentinel : Health Sentinel is a website about all things health and beauty. They accept posts about fitness, make- up, hair, weight loss and everything in between. On their contact page, you can send your pitch and hope for the best. They do not specify about payment which probably means you will get paid in exposure and a link to your website. Health Sentinel is a popular website so it will do you good either way.

Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary : Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary is a personal website about beauty product reviews, makeup, and makeup photography. Her readers are mostly 18-24 age range. On the contact page, you can contact the website about guest posts. She accepts product reviews. Have a look around the page to see her writing style and good luck!

Make sure, that your website get exposure from this method and it will surely give you more profit if done in the right way, so what are you waiting for?