Luck is the first thing that people consider first while buying a lottery ticket, they actually buy the tickets to test their luck expecting that today might be their day, the day that they have waiting for so long, the day for which they consistently bought those useless tickets in the past just thinking that there might be moment when their luck will walk its way in their life and win them the lottery amount. The misutilization of monetary investment is maximized if you fall prey of this vicious circle. Eventually, it becomes habitual to them and they do not inspect the risk element while drawing/buying their lottery tickets.

Is luck the only thing that matters in the lottery system?

Luck might be an element working its part in these lottery matches, but to say that luck is the sole constituent in these lotteries is completely wrong! There is some mathematical analysis behind the lottery bubbles that describes how the winning tickets might be drawn, the utility function, optimization of monetary misutilization and the probability of winning etc. The lottery is a gamble with high uncertainty of although it some consider it to be 50-50 chance/probability if we talk about large-scale lottery competitions the ratio and the possibility squats even lower.

Early Modern & Modern History of Lottery:

The Early Modern Era

The lottery system was prevalent from the early fifteenth century to late seventeenth century in European countries like France and England and towards the beginning of the sixteenth century and the following period, it spread towards Germany, Spain, and the United States. During the early modern era of the lottery system, the tickets were very costly and were mostly affordable for the people belonging to the upper social class. In some countries, it became a source for the official charterers (rulers) to raise funds from people, for the total prize won equaled the amount of money raised. Later the rights for lottery sold to the brokers and they ultimately became commercial vendors of these lottery tickets.

The Modern Era

The beginning of the eighteenth century is considered the modern era of lottery system when this gambling sport spread across the world to the places like Australia, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Spain, United Kingdom, Malaysia, United States(44 states & 3 territories) and more. This large-scale widespread of the lottery was a new beginning to this gamble, it mostly started on private grounds as normal lotteries to jackpot rounds but later in some countries, the governments also started their own lotteries for raising funds for charities and projects.

The Lottery Curse and Other Jinx

The people who won the amount seldom were counted as the lucky lambs because of some popular superstitions that said they were cursed with luck and had far worse to lose in the future. These superstitions had such adverse impact on the people winning the lotteries that they started going anonymous although in some areas is required to come out publicly to collect the cash won through the lottery. There are a few cases where the winning amount came along with misfortune to the prizewinners like bankruptcy, suicides, murder, divorces and more. All of these might be coincidental but who knows?

The Lottery Scams

The lottery is a type of gambling that requires drawing numbers to hit a chance of winning a prize. In some countries, the lottery system is outlawed by the government and considered an explicitly illegal while, on the other hand, it is still prevalent in some countries to the extent that their own governing bodies conduct their lottery competitions once in a while for the public to gather funds. Lottery being a type of gambling is highly prone to fraud and numerous scams despite the assurance and scrutiny gave by the organizations conducting them.

Ever since the time lotteries system was adapted for online medium the cases of scam remarkably raised in number. Online lottery scams are very common nowadays where an unwanted message appear on your screen which redirects you to some scamming sites that display you’re their lucky winner for the day for the lure you into their web scam. Such scammers are also seen in your emails under spam which needs to be immediately moved into the trash.

Richard’s Lottery Secrets

They say luck always seems to against the man depending on it and it’s mostly true but Richard Lustig was the living-life image of luck. Lustig is prominently known for his larger than life winnings in seven state-sponsored lottery gamble between the year 1993 to 2010 and the total of the amount gathered from all these winnings was over 1 million U.S. dollars.

Richard Lustig gathered publicity from his winnings from all the seven state held lottery games which delivered him an interview with ABC News, where the interviewer discussed richard’s lottery secrets and reinvestment technique back into the other lotteries. He has also featured the online site of CNN. Lustig also wrote a book about how to increase your chances of winning a lottery which was entitled as the 3rd bestseller on an online shopping site after its release.

Lustig gave a few tips on how to upsurge your chances of winning a bulk lottery prize, most of which are criticized and ridicule for their flaws and lack of insight. Some of these tips were as follows:

  • Stick to your numbers and don’t give it a second thought, never lust to swap it.
  • Never entirely rely on your luck and always take reasonable decisions.
  • Always be aware of the genuineness of lottery organizers, avoiding falling into scams.
  • Never fall for the quick picks consider them unproductive.
  • Do not believe in those doltish superstitions like ‘Lottery-Curse’.

These were some of the tips mentioned by Richard Lustig in an interview. Richard’s lottery secrets and investment techniques are all mentioned in his book. The lottery is just another gambling sport, it’s either win or lose and the decision upon you.

If you want to make some money by maintaining the consistency and spending your earnings on those numerous you buy every week where the lump-sum amount earned hardly meets up your annual investment because it has become your addiction. Are you still willing to waiting for your lucky day? Or you are ready to make a wise a decision and eventually bring about a change in your life and lower your spending on these gambling sports and take a step forward to save your remaining money.

The lottery is just a gamble, take it as a sport but don’t make your entire life invested in it.