Today, different types of pillows and foams are available in the market to provide great sleep and comfort to people. If you want to know if you should stick with your down pillow or memory foam, then keep on reading

Differences and Benefits of Memory foam vs Down pillow

Pillows are something that all of us use to have a nice sleep. We need pillows that will go with our sleeping pattern and also our body type. Pillows are also great for the support of our necks. These days we get pillows with several types of fillings including memory foam and down filling.

Overview on Memory Foam

Memory foam is an amazing invention as it actually moulds according to the shape of your body or head. They fill the pillows with the memory foam filling and after gradual usage, it starts to take the proper shape of your head. With time it will provide a comfort and support that is unique to you. Memory foam was first used in the aircraft cushions and then it was adopted by the hospitals to avoid bedsores. Now, you can easily get it in form of a pillow or even a mattress. Memory foam is apt for people who cannot sleep in the usual pillows.

What is Down Pillow?

Down is basically the term used for pillows and mattresses that are made from the back, chest and wing feather of a bird. The feather generally comes from a duck or a goose. The feathers are generally the ones that are inside the top feathers of a bird. The pillows are generally made from the feathers of birds that are used for meat. Down mattresses and pillows are very soft and provide a comfortable sleep. It is especially good for people who aren’t comfortable with the pillows that have artificial fillings in them. Sometimes it might be a challenge to get best down pillow for you with a preferable quality.

Advantages of Memory Foam Pillows:

  • Support: An amazing amount of support is rendered by memory foam pillows and they are actually used in hospitals because of this reason. It takes the shape of your head and neck to provide customized
  • Durability: Memory foam pillows do last for a long time and they have the ability to bounce back into its original shape.
  • Smoothness: The memory foam filling doesn’t have any lumps and neither does it form any in the future. It provides a smooth base for sleeping.
  • Snoring: Some people actually snore due to the improper support to their necks. The memory foam pillows support your head and open up the nasal paths to include proper air and reduce any form of snoring.
  • Comfort Lasts all Night: The comfort that everyone gets from a memory foam pillow is absolutely unique to them. You wouldn’t need to fight with the pillow to have a good night’s sleep with this kind of a pillow. Also, there are fewer interruptions during sleeping.

Disadvantages of Memory Foam:

  • Heat: The heat circulation through memory foam isn’t really great, so the pillow will retain some heat if it is an especially hot day. This may become a little uncomfortable for the sleeper.
  • Heaviness: The memory foam needs to be packed very well so that it can give adequate support and actually mould according to the person’s head. This makes the pillow heavy and less favourable for travelling
  • Initial Scent: When you take the memory foam pillow out of the package you will often get a scent that you may not like. This will eventually wear off but you will need to compromise with it for the first few days. You may apply perfume to mask the smell.
  • Price: Memory foam pillows do cost a little more than other alternatives.
  • Sleeping Position: You may not like the memory foam pillow if you sleep in your front. It is best to provide support to the neck and head. Also, due to less air circulation, the pillow can get suffocating and uncomfortable for people who like to sleep in their front.

Advantages of Down Pillows:

  • Softness: Down pillows are made from bird feathers so they are extremely soft and comfortable to sleep upon. It actually provides you with a luxurious feel when you sleep on them.
  • Warmth: Down pillows are extremely breathable but they do retain a little warmth which is great for the winter days. You would never feel uncomfortable while sleeping on a down pillow.
  • Durability: You can easily save a down pillow for 10 years or more.
  • Price: Down pillows cost way less than some of the memory foam pillows.

Disadvantages of Down Pillows:

  • Allergens: Because the pillow is made from feathers it wouldn’t suit people who generally suffer from allergies. So, it is best if they stay away from down or any other feather based pillows.
  • Spikiness: Feathers do have a shaft to them and it may poke the person at times. It is best to fluff the pillow from time to time so that they do not sit in an awkward position.
  • Lack of Support: A down pillow doesn’t take the shape of your head to provide you with any kind of support. People with neck problems should avoid down pillows as it can be too soft for them.
  • Potential Lumpiness: Down feathers do get lumpy with time and you need to fluff it or massage the lumps to get rid of them. Down pillows are definitely high maintenance compared to the alternatives.
  • Need Constant Fluffing: You will need to constantly fluff the pillows to retain the volume and also the softness to provide you with the comfort.

Tips on choosing the Right Pillow for You:

Choosing a pillow for yourself will definitely depend on your personal choice but it is also important to look into the factors that we noted above. If you want to have neck and back support, then a memory foam pillow will be perfect for you. But if you do not have such problems and want to be comfortable then go for a down pillow. We will also recommend you to read a lot of reviews about a company before buying their product. This will give you a nice idea about the satisfaction level of other customers. Give importance to yourself while choosing the pillow.

We have provided you people with some guidelines and you can definitely look more into it. Choose any pillow that you think will be perfect for you and that will make you feel comfortable. Pay a little heed to the budget and you will find your perfect choice in form of a pillow.