The Internet has become massive and a humongous source of information for people all over the world. There are over a million Internet users globally using the powerful weapon of the Internet for finding any kind of information. The Internet is loaded up with millions and millions of active websites. Search engines have made our task of finding the relevant information quite easier. Web search engines have been the source of information to avail the information present on the World Wide Web. In today’s technology savvy world, the use of search engines has increased significantly. With the use of Smartphone growing and internet-enabled population rising exponentially day-by-day, the vitality of search engines has also risen. The fact that there are at least 2 trillion searches happening every day shows how users rely on the search engines for finding any kind of information. Moreover, the number of websites available on the web also growing significantly, it is crucial for the website publishers to build their website with precise and genuine content so as to come in the top search results amongst several other websites that a search engine crawls and indexes according to the user search query. Here, Search Engine Optimization plays a pivotal role.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO is a process wherein the website tries to draw quality traffic through organic or natural search engine results. To put it into simpler terms, it is a set of measures taken by the website builder so as to optimize the web pages of the website for the search engine with a view to bringing traffic to the website and improving the website’s ranking in the search engine’s results page. SEO is the most commonly used strategy used by the majority of Internet marketing teams.

Important Terms Associated With SEO

  • Quality traffic – It is important that the content published on a website for whatsoever purpose get the attention of people genuinely looking for the relevant information. For example, if a user searching for pest control services finds your website and goes through the services provided by a pest-control services provider company website, then the website is attracting quality traffic. If the quantity of quality traffic increases significantly, it serves as a parameter to the search engine that the website is actually genuine with relevant content.
  • Organic results – When one sees ads on the search results page. These ads are paid ones. It is one of the inorganic ways of driving attention. Organic results are the means of bringing traffic using unpaid ways.

Why Should One Opt for SEO?

As mentioned earlier, there are billions of websites on the Internet. For a website to mark its presence felt on the search results page, it is important to use the process of SEO.

Here are some of the key factors for which SEO should be used:

  • To be amongst the top search results – There have been many statistics that shows up that most of the users do not go beyond the 3rd search result. Thus, it is important that to improve the rankings and be amongst the top results so as to get clicked and so that users can have a look at the website content.
  • To help ease user navigation and overall user experience – In the process of improving rankings and bringing traffic, the SEO techniques focus on ways to ease the navigation through the web pages for the user and thereby improve overall user interaction with the website. The better the user experience with the website, the more is the quality traffic towards the website.
  • To help stay ahead of the competition – If there are two websites providing the same products or services if one website is listed in the top, it is an edge over the other website or the competitor.

How SEO works?

Typically a user looks for certain information and visits a search engine wherein the user types a query. The search engine then crawls over all the information about the content from the Internet and makes an index with this information. This index is served to the search engine’s algorithms where these algorithms match the user query with the data brought by the crawler. Moreover, the algorithms also scan through the content of the website, its title tags and meta tags and descriptions and several other parameters before finally showing up with the search engine’s results page. Thus, the optimisation of a website is a major factor in improving the rankings.

How to Build an SEO-Friendly Site?

After understanding why SEO is crucial and how SEO works, it is important to build a website that abides by the SEO rules. SEO techniques involve:

  • Quality content – Content always wins over people. Writing content that has relevant information and also that is keyword-rich should be published on the website.
  • Having meta-descriptors and title tags – This is a basic optimization every website should have. Appropriate title tags and Meta descriptors provide information about the information available on the website.
  • Building backlinks – A website pointing to another website is a backlink. A quality backlink always is an indicator of good relevant content. Search engines rate a quality backlink extremely high as a factor for ranking.

Why Hire an SEO company?

SEO companies like a Pittsburgh SEO company have experts that have the accurate knowledge of making a website SEO-friendly for it to be ranked highly on the search results page. They provide the guidance of building the website with SEO techniques that work. Pittsburgh SEO Company know the current trends, know how the search engines’ algorithms work and the latest parameters through which websites are ranked and implement the same for a website. Hiring the services of an expert, thus, helps in building an optimized website with quality content, good backlinks and title tags and Meta descriptors. They aid in building the optimized website correctly and in a cost-effective way. While there are SEO techniques that bring organic results, bad SEO can affect a website badly bringing the reputation of the website at stake.

Thus, use SEO to bring profits for your business with the help of Pittsburgh SEO Company.