Fortnite Battle royal is a version of the fortnite online game that was released in 2017; the game was invented by Epic games, it can be plated on PlayStation 4, computers and Xbox. The game is rated as a violent game and has parental control for teens. The game has become very successful as it is very common among teens. The game reached a record of being played by over 125 million players after few months it was released. The game has earned Epic games over a hundred million dollars within a period of one year. Below are interesting things you need to know about the game:

  1. It is a shooting game: Fortnite Battle Royale is a plus for people who are fans of action or shooting games. The game is about shooting other players to stay alive. The goal of the game is to be the last survivor then you will be the winner. The game is an online game and can be played by two to a hundred The players can play the game individually or in squads. At the beginning of the game, the players are parachuted from a plane to an island with few houses, when players land on the island, everyone is unarmed then players run into houses that are loaded with different weapons. After picking weapons, players then shoot and kill each other until there is only one player alive. There are ways to enjoy the game while playing it and they include:
  • Avoid over hiding: It is a very common thing in the game for some players to hide in houses and let other players fight because they are scared of going out and get shot. Players that hide a lot always find the game not interesting because they will get killed so early. While hiding, it is good to come out sometimes and shoot to show other players that you are not scared and you are armed. If you are hiding permanently, other players will see that you have been in a place permanently in the map; this will make them think that you are unarmed or you are scared of coming out to fight so other players will have the confidence to attack you where you are hiding. If you are attacked by more than one player, you may not be able to survive the attack. This rule of not over hiding is very important for players who are playing in groups, the first mistake that players in the same group should not make is to hide in the same place. By hiding in the same place, it makes the possibility of every teammate dying at the same time to increase. If you hide in the same place, other teammates who are spread all over the map will be able to attack you from different angles at the same time then the team will be rendered powerless and will be left with no choice than to all die and leave the game at the same time but if you are not hiding in the same place, even if a member gets killed, other teammates can still try to cover the space left by the dead teammate and still win the game. If you are not over hiding, you will last longer in the game and you will find it very interesting.
  • Make good use of available weapons: When players are dropped on the island, it is better to use the weapon you get at the beginning and not ignore any weapon. Some players will refuse to pick smaller weapons because they want huge ones that can cause more harm to other players. By ignoring weapons, it is possible to end up getting a weapon that is worse than what you expect or even end up not getting any weapon while is like committing suicide in the game. You should pick up any weapon you see and use it till you will see a better weapon.
  • Avoid heavy weapons: Many players believe it is safe to use heavy weapons like the bazooka but it is better to use guns that have many rounds of shot but are not heavy because if you carry a heavy weapon, you will not be able to run and you can be attacked by other fast players. You can only use heavy weapons when your opponents are not many and you cannot be given a surprise attack.
  • Avoid making plans before the game starts: This is a mistake that is usually made by players that are squads; they often assign instructions to each other before the game starts but it is better to let the game start when everyone successfully hides then you can plan how you will play the game. This is because a member of the team can get killed before hiding, this will make the team’s plan to be disrupted which makes the game look boring because it will be difficult to map out a new plan and win when the battle has already begun.
  1. The game encourages friendship: This is one of the reasons why Fortnite Battle Royale is popular; the game is an online game and can be played with different players all over the world. In the course of playing the game, friends can be made while playing this game because when you play with a new person all the time, you may get addicted to playing with the player and later become friends.
  2. It will be available on mobile phones soon: Fortnite Battle Royale is not currently available for mobile phones; it can only be played on devices like PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo. Recently, epic games made it known to the media that the Fortnite Battle Royale will soon be available on play store of Android devices, iphones,and other smartphones. Epic games also stated that when the game is released, it will be free to download but didn’t rule out any possibility of in-game purchases.