About HK

Heritage Konpa Magazine (HKM) was founded in February of 2000, by a group of DJs in New York City. HKM, co-founded by Scheeler Devis, Barthelemy Garcon, Rene Devis, and Roudy Devis is now available only through the internet at http://www.heritagekonpa.com. Plans are underway to publish the magazine in print in the future.

Here at Heritage Konpa Magazine, our goal is simple, yet very challenging. As Haitians we have the responsibility to preserve our rich cultural legacy for future generations. There are many important issues that are vital to our cultures, such as the value of our different types of music, arts, and beliefs. We are dedicated to bringing international attention to Haitian culture, through this website, we have made great strides by reaching out to help others discover and appreciate Haitian music.

We invite you to visit our website often, Haitians and foreigners alike, so you may take full advantage of the different services we provide on this website. We have full music downloads, headline news, discussion forums, a top-ten list, a radio station so you may listen to your favorite and latest songs. We also offer videos from different Haitians bands for your viewing pleasure. Very soon we will open an online store at heritagekonpa.com, through which we will offer a variety of products including Haitian music, arts, and literature.