Since Djakout Mizik’s formation in mid 80’s, the band has hammed it up on-stage at “Concoure American Airlines”; with a high profile, all-stars line up that included session musicians Claude Marcelin, Clement “Keke” Belizaire, Frabrise Rouzier, Dominique Lorture. These guys got an instant appeal in tandem with the Widmaire Brothers (Zekle), and Jacqueline Denis when they released the truly first mega hit of Nu-Genration Konpa “Encore”. “Encore” started frenzy in Haiti and became a club and dance hit in the late 80’s. As the late Felix Lamy, a Haitian radio and music icon, from Radio National once said that “record set the precedent for a new era in Konpa music”.

The band changed its direction in the early 90’s and became more stable as a live band. Under the leadership of Claude Marscelin, Djakout Mizik welcomed a newer generation of musicians; which included lead singer Gracia Delva (1993), Auguste Duverger(Pouchon), keyboard players David Dupoux( now a member of konpa Kreyol), and Ezzer Charlemagne(Ti Ti Pouche). Shortly after this change, the band released its debut album ” Deux Double”. The self-title song “Deux Double” became Djakout first top ten hit in Haiti, and this set the stage for Djakout Mizik’s remarkable string of consecutive hits. Djakout real break through came in 1999 with the release of their second album entitled ” Moso Lanmou “, Ma seule Folie a brilliant song that was quintessentially “Nouvelle Konpa” at its best.

In June 2001 under the label Antilles Mizik, Djakout Mizik released its third album ” Septieme Ciel”, which featured the now classic hit songs ” Sam fe ou”, “Naje pou soti”, among others. ” Septieme Ciel’ was one of the album nominated as album of the Year at the 2002 Haitian Music Award. Although Claude Marscelin is no longer part of Djakout Mizik (now a member of the group Passion Du Canada), his legacy & presence will forever be still felt within the band.

With the release of their 4th album ” La Familia” and an ever-increasing fan base, Djakout Mizik has proven once again that they belong to konpa’s royal league. Invariably aesthetic and elegant, “La Familia” is perhaps Djakout Mizik finest album to date. The melodies are soft yet lively and the lyrics on the album make this a feast for the senses. ” La Familia” kicks off with the ear & heart throbbing song ” Fruit De La Passion”, written by Dominique Lorture. The lyrics in this song make us aware that these konpa songs are just not spontaneously put together to fill a void in a compact disc. As a group, Djakout Mizik demonstrates tremendous chemistry that’s apparent throughout the album, particularly with the romantic ballad ” tendresse”; a remarkably aesthetic song with clean articulation. Overall the songs are well arranged, but the album could have avoided some of the English slam utilize in certain songs. If you are a true music lover, it’s certainly worthwhile having this album in your music collection.

Recently Djakout Mizik’s profile has never been higher. The band is attracting large audiences of all ages throughout Haiti and abroad. Djakout is currently on a USA , where they will be appearing with System & NU-Look in Florida. In Haiti Djakout regularly plays on Sundays at “Le Regency”, 43 RUE MAGNY, PETION VILLE.