My inherent philosophy was instilled and exemplified through my humbled parents who were advocates for righteousness, betterment, and working smart while instilling fortitude; necessary to fuel my purposeful desires. The words of ‘if you aren’t pleased with the direction an issue is taking, change it and make it better’ always echo through my mind. So I took an issue that was heading in a negative direction and made it better by researching the specific rights to see what would be most advantageous. I would then expand on that right to prove a point and am a advocate and proponent of standing up for what I believe to be righteous, all while maintaining a balance. Trying to make situations better by either making positive resolution or at least offering calamity to the person undergoing the sometimes complicated deluge of bureaucracy offers a renewed sense of gratitude coupled with occasional complacency. Based on the premise that each individual has a voice, I considered representing those in court who were slighted social security disability benefits. Although a personal incident took precedence, the need to serve humanity is an option certainly worth merit. In some states being a legal secretary opens the door to this opportunity.

A Journey Worth Experiencing:

My formal education was in the medical field, not legal. While identifying need, however, and contrasting legal and medical avenues, I realized how humanity needed fair representation and that there were legal strides needing to be met. Based on this and to my surprise and delight, my first legal opportunity was presented through the placement office of the college I had graduated. There was need for Assistant to Council for the New York State Senate. For two years I jubilantly spent time working for Council in the office of the Ranking Finance Minority Leader. Ironically, in the heart of ‘politics’ I stayed grounded and made certain to stay true to myself while fulfilling my duties. My grandfather had been a local politician and politics being a cornerstone of my heritage, gave me a sense of elation. With this opportunity, my duties included researching gubernatorial appointment subject to Senate confirmation, tracking legislation proposed by the Senator, and the training/supervising of two interns. From this work I was exposed to the legislative process while forming beneficial relationships.

Making certain to understand the task at hand, listening, achieving, compliance and adhering to best practices are relevant factors in any undertaking. Communication, being vital to cultivate and maintain, is a relevant necessity that forms and matures over time and a little patience goes a long way. I learn something beneficial from all experiences and coherently achieve while attaining personal and professional growth.

Criminal Justice System:

The personal incident earlier referenced was theft by deception and becoming state’s witness afforded me a first-hand exploration of the criminal justice system. Through this experience I tirelessly identified changes that needed to be made for the right of the person against whom devious acts had been committed, in this instance me. Researching, writing letters and persistence helped achieve positive results in a system that needs diligent attention and judicial reform.At one time I considered being a lawyer and although forging ahead to make partner was not in my nature, small feats was. So I opted to complete research projects and become acclimated to various forms of law, mostly as a legal assistant with paralegal duties.

Various Forms Of Law:

Some of those various forms of law presented themselves simultaneously while researching criminal statutes relating to the theft by deception all while working as a legal assistant for a firm. This work exposed me to fields of law including but not limited to Litigation, Securities, Patent Law, Real Estate, and back-up closings relating to mergers and acquisitions.

If A Chance To Follow A Dream:

Having the opportunity years later to work under the direction of a sole practitioner who worked with Wills, Estates and various forms of partnerships as a legal assistant, I was privy to working with people’s lives all while offering compassion, understanding and treating each with dignity and respect; my first priority no matter what undertaking I was involved with.

Proponents of my legal background, as paralleled to any endeavors I chose to undertake had always been a stepping stone to my passion of making the world better by standing up for what is right while fulfilling personal satisfaction. Even if the final outcome did not completely present the ideal outcome, an outcome nonetheless was achieved and that was the basis of what was either expanded upon, dismissed or offered pertinent information to be extracted for another endeavor.Give Yourself A Chance to Follow A Dream….You Can Do It. So, if you are considering a rewarding law career, believe and know that with drive, determination and understanding, you will achieve regardless of the the title or type of law you pursue. A little knowledge can go a long way. Best of luck with your legal path!