“With this solo album, I renew my commitment to remain steadily faithful to my fans, my community, and friends”

In the midst of a long musical journey with the group Top Vice and with more than a decade of experience under his belt, Konpa veteran, singer Fredy Carmelo has released his first solo project entitled “Steady and Ready”. This album is a testament of Fredy’s tremendous musical talent, and presents us with another dimension of the artist.

“Steady and Ready” is straight-up Konpa with slinky guitar and keyboard rhythms, and a live horn section. The music style on this album in no way resembles anything he has done with his group Top Vice. Fredy, with help from his buddies Ulrick Bouzi and Julien J. Claude was able exhibit his diversity by adapting a much different style. The album contains eight brilliant tracks, “Malouse,” a slow-tempo track blaring with beautiful chorus, is one of the most impressive tracks on this album.

Because of the seal-off nature of the Haitian music industry, individual recognition is often sacrificed for the group, as a result most people tend not to pay tribute to individual artists who happen to play in a band. When you come across an imposing figure such as Fredy, it becomes obvious that you have to give him his due respect. In this regard every Konpa fan should do just that.