Finding the balance between potential and functional creativity. The human organism as a living entity is perpetually involved in thinking, resolving clashes, deciding, choosing and creating. The impulse to create is within us all and if fostered under ideal conditions and circumstances the potential for growth is enormous. All of us are actively involved in the creative process, whether in architecture, sculpture, painting, poetry, music and many other fields such as sciences and mathematics.

Each individual is a potential creator. I would like to clarify that although each one of us has the potential to create, there is a difference between potential and functional creativeness. This implies that if nurtured and guided, a higher creative level may be attained. Unfortunately, not everybody’s creativeness has been developed so that it can properly function. We can therefore distinguish between the potential and the functional creativeness. The potential creativeness, one may have and not be aware of it. In the process of maturation or learning, it may have been neglected, inhibited or buried. Potentially one may be a creator but his creativeness can’t function. It is quite clear that there is a tremendous range in the creativeness in people.

Some people inherently or by their early influences have much greater potential creativeness than others, finding balance in reaching both is the object of everyone’s search. It has been said of poetry that it is good when words are arranged in their best order. What of painting? In evaluating the individual’s effort to portray, display and share his emotions on canvas, as art lovers we observe. As observers, listeners, readers and collections we hope to explore in the future the creative process behind artists, writers, musicians, poets and leaders in our community and elsewhere.

Heritage Konpa Magazine, using an innovative approach will offer a forum to readers bridging the gap between all people. I look forward to bringing you each month insights into the mind of artists, ”music makers”, and community personalities. I will walk you through art exhibits, book reviews, parties and discussions. Our heritage and culture as Haitians and Haitian-Americans are worth exploring. Would you join me?